Charlie Jay

Born 1989, Truro, Cornwall, UK

First Class BA (Hons) Photography, University of Plymouth, 2011

Australia M. +61 (0) 402 933 441

UK M. +44 (0)7465 720 864


Currently living in the French Alps, Charlie grew up deep in South West Cornwall, England then moved to Australia in his early 20's. Having developed a strong interest in the still image through his teenage years, escalated by a love of the ocean, Charlie studied Photography at the University of Plymouth, graduating in 2011.

Inspired by early colour photography in America and the work of students from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Charlie became engrossed by the slow process of shooting with large format film cameras, both 4x5" and 8x10". This allows images to be produced with incredible detail and depth and requires a much more methodical approach to image making.

Continuing this process today, Charlie displays work on a large scale and is available for commissions and exhibitions. Please contact for further details.

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